ACC 578 Week 6 Discussion

ACC 578 Week 6 Discussion 1
“Financial Statement Fraud” Please respond to the following:
• Evaluate the types of financial statement fraud that has occurred in the past and predict what types of fraud may / or may not be committed in the future. Support your prediction(s) with examples. 
• Imagine you are the controller of a major new tech start-up. Upper management is putting pressure on you to exceed Wall Street’s earnings expectations for the next quarter. You have decided that you have to “cook the books” in order to exceed expectations. Create a scheme to increase earnings for the quarter. Support your scheme with examples.

ACC 578 Week 6 Discussion 2
• Analyze the current control structure for safeguarding financial reporting. Based on your analysis, recommend changes that will strengthen the current control structure. Support your recommendations with examples and rationale. 
• You have just been hired by XYZ Company as a senior-level accountant. You think you have discovered what you believe to be fraud in the latest financial statements. Propose what actions you might take regarding what you have discovered. Support your proposal with examples




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