Authority and Misconduct."

“Authority and Misconduct.” Please respond to the following:

  • Despite widespread cynicism about public ethics,  students are likely to agree that a rule of law depends on the perceived  legitimacy of public officials and that legitimacy is impossible  without widespread ethical behavior. Discuss with supporting example  what can be done to cultivate ethical behavior in public officials.
  • Take  a position on whether or not behavior should be governed by compliance  with rules. Support your position with examples or evidence.

2nd question

“Public Ethics Laws.” Please respond to the following:

  • After reading the case summary, People v. Howard, if you  were an Illinois state legislator, would you support a bill in response  to People v. Howard that provides that only conduct specifically  prescribed by a state statute may be a predicate offense for official  misconduct? Why or why not?
  • Evaluate Van Itallie v. Franklin  Lakes. Based on the facts described in Van Itallie v. Franklin Lakes,  take a position and explain what you would have done differently, if  anything, if you were the council members.

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