Choose magazine ads for three different consumer products

TOPIC: Choose magazine ads for three different consumer products. For each ad:

  • Write a description of what you think the demographic characteristics of the targeted market are. Use segmentation terminology where possible. Be specific and clear about who you believe they are targeting.
  • Tell me what do you see as their major message to their customers? What is the point of the ad and do you think it successfully conveys its message? Why/Why not?
  • Media selected. What magazine did you find this ad and do you think it was the right choice given the audience and message? Why or why not?
  • Include your actual ads with the paper. You can scan  and add to your paper. I must see the ads to be able to grade your analysis.

Length: 800 – 1000 words total for all three advertising reviews.

Choose a variety of ads that have different demographics and psychographics. Demographic segmentation is the method of dividing markets on the basis of demographic variables, such as age, gender, income, ethnic background, and family life cycle. Psychographic segmentation is based on personality, motives, lifestyles, etc.

In terms of major message, what do you think the key message(s) is of the ad/brand that they are trying to tell that demographic.  Examples: We are the brand for young urban professionals. We make parents’ lives easier. We clean everything and keep the environment safe.

GRADE will be based on you understanding and use of marketing segmentation and brand messaging. Please be sure to check for grammar and spelling so I can grade on content and not mark you down for grammar. Check the Rubric for more detail.