Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses HISTORY

Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses HISTORY.Download file “HISTORY Book Report/Review” to see previous pages… It is quite depressing to realize how huge companies like IBM would support such

Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses HISTORY.

Download file “HISTORY Book Report/Review” to see previous pages…It is quite depressing to realize how huge companies like IBM would support such cause, in quest for bigger profits. During Hitler’s reign, his main objective was to identify and destroy Germany’s 600,000 Jewish population. Jews were not limited to those who practice Judaism, but those of Jewish blood regardless of their assimilation,

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intermarriage, religious activity, or conversion to Christianity. When Jews have been identified, they become subject of asset confiscation, ghettoization, deportation, and extermination.

In order to pursue their plans, the Nazis made use of the IBM punch card and card sorting system. prelude to computer technology. IBM was responsible for the design and execution of the said punch card system. It was alleged in this book that there was more than 2000 machines of this kind dispatched around Germany and in some other parts of Europe. The said machines were not sold, thus being regularly maintained and upgraded by IBM company.

In his book Black states that “Knowing that International Business Machines has always billed itself as a “solutions” company, I understood that IBM does not merely wait for governmental customers to call. IBM has amassed its fortune and reputation precisely because it generally anticipates governmental and corporate needs even before they develop, and then offers designs, and delivers customized solutions- even if it must execute those technologic solutions with its own staff and equipment.” It is rather amusing how a certain brand promise could extend to something like this. Looking back, it is definitely not a surprise for IBM to just think of the Nazi government as one of “potential” key accounts that can be taken by the company. Definitely, such relationship with strong group will provide promising profits.

In this article, technological advancement was used for destruction instead of human development. Intellectual capacity is a gift which must be nurtured and used for the common good. However, in this case, IBM’s amazing intellectual capacity was not meaningfully used when it decided to collaborate with the Nazi government to exterminate helpless individuals.

Elmer Allen Loses His Leg- And All Hope. The Plutonium Experiment

This article alleges that United States government, through its atomic research program has injected severe doze of plutonium to unsuspecting individuals as part of their experiment on the effects of plutonium to the human body and human mind. The said book highlights the story of Elmer Allen, an ordinary railroad porter who was used as human guinea pig for this government experiment, but survived through his own will to tell the story of his experience.

The author, by exposing a half-century of cover-ups and denials and by forcing the government to admit its role in poisoning its own citizens, “The Plutonium Experiment” is a classic example of history.

It is heart-breaking to realize, how such unfair experiments from the government would affect the daily life and long term aspirations of an individual, as in this case, Elmer Allen, because of self-centered goals which focuses on promoting and improving their warfare techniques.

“The Plutonium Experiment topped the litany of human experiments in a report issued in the late 1986 by the U.S.