Define the Category for Net Suite.

Read the NetSuite case carefully. Your goal is to devise a strategy to take NetSuite to the next level by considering a number of investment options. The first step is to figure out your goal for NetSuite. Answer the questions below and then use the simulation to consider your investment choices. To solve the case successfully you should first prepare a strategic plan addressing the following questions: 1. Define the Category for Net Suite. What is their core competence and overall business goal? 2. What marketing objective is the company currently using? Do you think this is a good idea given the goal and core competence? 3. What is their current source of volume? 4. Consider all the available investments presented in the case. Which investments are on strategy for NetSuite and Why? (You might use the 2×2 Strategic Fit matrix to organize your thoughts.) 5. Define NetSuite’s main and dynamic variable 6. Give a detailed potential target audience description. 7. Complete a bodies-beliefs-behaviors-bucks analysis for the case. Use the NetSuite Simulation Opportunity Template to estimate the next year’s sources of volume. 8. Briefly summarize your investment strategy and give the profitability of your simulation runs. This case runs for 5 years, from 2008 through 2012. The annual investment budget is limited to $30 million to be distributed amongst the initiatives you choose. You need not spend all the money each period. Make sure you run all 5 periods ending in 2012– you should see “Congratulations, you have completed the simulation” Turn in your write-up as a Word document along with any additional supporting documentation, e.g. an Excel spreadsheet if applicable. Limit your case write-up to five double spaced pages.


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