Develop a “taxonomy” of DS/IA document.

Develop a “taxonomy” of DS/IA document. A taxonomy is a way of organizing something on a “group within group” basis. (Remember how the biological taxonomy is structured.) Initially, define data security and information assurance. Secondly, develop an outline of the major “elements” within the discipline of DS/IA.

This assignment serves as a great review for the final exam.

The paper should be of “significant depth,” suitable for a graduate program; that is, the paper should be approximately 5 pages in length. The paper should be free from spelling and grammatical errors.

Additional background: In this taxonomy document you will be outlining and giving an “abstract” of DS/IA. Imagine you need to give a meaningful overview of DS/IA to someone unfamiliar with the field. The taxonomy allows you to “group” major aspects of DS/IA and present it in a meaningful way. Remember the grand idea of abstraction. In this document you will simplify the complex field of DS/IA into a few pages of information.

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