discuss the companies individual CSR policies/activities

MBA – Postgraduate Business Degree

Topic: Ethical Corporate Marketing

Please read all instructions before completing assignment. Word-count: 500+ words (References not included in word-count). Writing in Native-English please. Report to be presented in Microsoft Office format. In-text references must be used. Harvard style referencing. Pass rate for this assignment: 85% (Do bare pass rate in mind).

Up-to-date information/sources must be used
The company under study is Aldi, a major European supermarket
Please avoid unnecessary words just to make up the word-count, contents should have substance and be relevant to the organisation in question
The report should contain well-integrated arguments & charts (No google images), and be worthy of a 85%+ grade


Aldi is a leading European supermarket with a rigid CSR policy which successfully enhances Aldi’s marketing performance. Explain and discuss in depth the relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and Aldi’s marketing performance. This is a business report therefore please do not define CSR and do not discuss the companies individual CSR policies/activities, instead focus on critically presenting a short report on the relationship on CSR and the companies Marketing Performance. And how CSR drives Aldi’s marketing performance. Approach this report from the view that you will be presenting this report to the company directors to demonstrate the relationship between CSR and Aldi’s Marketing Performance and to convince them how Aldi’s CSR activities have enhanced Marketing Performance. Feel free to share your opinions.


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