discuss the ground rules for the training

Through training evaluation a training course was determined to be ineffective because it doesn’t contain any learning objectives.This information is an example of—data.A.outcomeB.job behaviorC.processD.cost/benefit2.Training reaction questionnaires typically assessA.compilation knowledgeB.procedural knowledgeC.trainees’attitudes and perceptions about the trainingD.management’s reaction to the effectiveness of the training3.Jacob is the vice president of operaions for Adatech.Inc.For the last two years he has been going through training that will prepare him to take over the company president’s position because the president is planning to retire. This type of training is an example ofA.sucession planningB.job rotationC.team buildingD.special job assignments4.Doug is highly regarded by his employees because he lets them go home early when necessary and he always fights to get them the highest raises in the company the style of management that Doug exhibits is the–styleA.achievementB.directiveC.supportiveD.participative5.Susan has to decide which of her employees can go on vacation during certain times of the year,which of the following decision roles of a manager is Susan using?A.disturbance handlerB.entrepreneurC.resource allocatorD.negotiator6.A—is an important piece of information that a trainee must acquire to accomplish the learning objectiveA.strategic pointB.learning pointC.key pointD.training point7.Which of the following skills are typically required of lower-level managersA.leadership and decisionalB.conceptual and technicalC.interpersonal and technicalD.decisional and conceptual8.On the first day of training,Melinda starts off the session by warmly greeting the trainees and offering an icebreaker.What should she do next?A.go through the agrenda to indicate what will be happening over the course of the trainingB.ask the trainees about their expections and personal goals related to the trainingC.describe the purpose of the training and review objectivesD.discuss the ground rules for the training9.A—is not designed to train participants but is rather a rehearsal of a training program to test material,work out delivery issues and tighten up the timing of different segmentsA.dry runB.simulationC.generalizationD.pilot program10.George is trainer who’s dealing with a difficult trainee. He talks to the trainee during the break and thanks her for her input and her morale boosters. George also tells the trainee that her comments although enjoyed by her coworkers are disrupting the flow of training.What type of trainee is George dealing with?A.angry traineeB.talkative traineeC.quiet traineeD.the comedian11.Doreen’s greatest strength as a manager is her ability to forecast sales and make budgets up to a year in advance.This strength exemplies herA.technical knowledge and skillsB.personal traitsC.interpersonal knowledge and skillsD.conceptual knowledge and skills12.Marcia has been hired to assist in designing a team training program for Hardy Cheese.Inc.,a Wisconsin dairy goods manufacturer,to develop the skills of talented employees so that they can achieve the team’s purpose,which of the following KSAs should Marcia examine when designing her training program?A.consensus decision-making skillsB.cross-cultural awarenessC.knowledge of the benfits of diversityD.foreign language knowledge13.Which of the following is an example of a manager who has a high nPow?A.a manager who works hard because she eventually wants to be president of the companyB.a manager who insists on working on projects independently of the other managersC.a manager who lets her employees take advantage of her good nature and becomes very unproductiveD.a manager who always asks for performance feedback from his emloyees14.Seymour is attending business courses at the local university as part of his training,which will eventually land him in his company’s CEO position.This type of training is an example ofA.executive/management education programsB.mentoringC.coachingD.action learning15.Jeremy was very interested in reading and analyzing the process data collected through the training evaluation.Jeremy is most likelyA.the trainerB.a member of upper managementC.a trainee’s supervisorD.a trainee16.Which of the following scenarios illustrates quid pro quo sexual harassment?A.an employee who posts lewd posters and jokes on her office doorB.a supervisor who puts his arm around the waist of a female employee as they walk down the hallC.a supervisor who demands sexual favors from an employee in return for giving that employee a promotionD.an employee who continually calls her supervisor at home to discuss work-related issues


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