Examine the use of cell phones during meals.

The      use of cell phones in public. It’s common to see people looking at their      phones on the bus, in class, walking, in the middle of conversations, at      dinner. Examine the use of cell phones during meals. What does the use of      a cell-phone during a meal communicate? How does it impact our engagement      with others? How does it feel to have someone use his/her phone in front      of you at a meal instead of engaging face-to-face with you? Spend a week NOT      using your cell phone at meal time and observe your experiences and those      around you. If you usually use your phone at mealtime, how is your      experience different? How many people are using phones in the restaurants      or dining halls in which you are eating? Are they alone or with others?      What does this say about those people, if anything? After your experience,      how have your feelings towards cell phone use during meals changed, if at      all? Present an argument about the use of cell phones at meals.

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