Explain the Benefits of Adapting the Selected Trend and How the Selected Trend Will Improve the Quality of Health Care Delivered (50 to 150 Words)Telemedicine It combines telecommunication and information technology to provide clinical health care from a distance. Therefore it enables communication between

Technology Trends Proposalhealth adminResource: Technology Trends Proposal Part l Worksheet which is attached
Select one of the technology trends identified in the Week Two Technology Trends Proposal Part l Worksheet and research the privacy risks security safeguards and
strategies for evaluating the effectiveness of the technology selected.
Write a 350- to 700-word summary describing the privacy risks security safeguards and strategies for evaluating the effectiveness of the technology selected in the
Week Two Technology Trends Proposal Part l Worksheet assignment.
Cite 2 peer-reviewed scholarly or similar references to support your assignment.
Format your summary according to APA guidelines.Technology Trends in Health Care
Angelina Avetisyan
Technology Trend Explain its Use (50 to 150 Words) Explain Their Effect on the Health Care Industry (50 to 150 Words)
Explain the Benefits of Adapting the Selected Trend and How the Selected Trend Will Improve the Quality of Health Care Delivered (50 to 150 Words)Telemedicine It combines telecommunication and information technology to provide clinical health care from a distance. Therefore it enables communication between
patient and doctor whenever both the patient and doctor are far apart from each other. For example the patient may request for advice on how to go about a certain
disease or condition. The doctor in this case might be able to give direction to the patient who is far away using these technologies. It helps to remove barriers of
distance to proper healthcare. In addition it improves and increases access to medical health care.
Therefore patients and physicians are able to communicate with each other irrespective of the distance between them. It improves healthcare especially in rural
communities who are far away from any health facility. -Patient and doctor are able to communicate that is even without the both of them having to meet physically.
Thus the patient is able to access medical care fast enough especially if the distance between the patient and the doctor is too big.
-It will save on time especially if the patient is far away and in pain or danger hence the physician can advise on what is to be done without going physically to
where the patient is. Therefore it promotes saving of lives.
Optical imagery for diagnosing disease It is a technique that is used to look inside the body just like X-rays but it is different as it uses visible light and the
special properties of photons to obtain images of the organ tissue cells and even molecules that need to be observed as opposed to X-rays which use ionizing
radiation. Plays a great role in improving prevention of disease diagnosis and even treatment.
This is because the images obtained are used for research especially by scientists and for diagnosis and treatment especially by clinicians by observing them and
determining whatever is causing pain or sickness of any kind to the patient. -It uses non-sizing radiation which reduces a patients exposure to radiation thus
keeping the patient safe.
-It has the quality of a rich environment of scattering differences and photon absorption hence enabling determination of specific tissue contrasts and a potential of
studying functional and molecular level activities that serve as a basis for health and disease.
-It also has the advantage of spreading over a wide scale over the imaging resolution scale hence easy to combine with other techniques.
Electronic health records This refers to storage of the history of a patient electronically that is by use of computers and any other modern gadgets. This is to
say whenever a patient visits a medical facility another time their records can be retrieved immediately and this makes it easier to decide their diagnosis and
treatment. Improve healthcare by reducing errors and improving accuracy of medical health records.
Electronic records provide a safe way of keeping patient records to avoid losing them.
This enables easier dealing with patients as the patients medical history is present to direct the doctor against making any mistakes in treating the patient. -It
makes health records readily available hence eliminating delays in treatment. The patient will not go through the tedious process of having to explain their condition
to the doctor afresh especially if they are suffering from the same ailment as before.
-It also reduces use of paperwork which causes unnecessary bulkiness and confusion. Paperwork causes a lot of confusion that could lead to the losing of patient
Telehealth This refers to the use of telecommunication technologies for the purpose of enhancing public health healthcare and delivery of health education to
-These advanced technologies make the enhancement of public health giving health education to people and delivery of healthcare services to be easier to accomplish
and to be very effective. It is used in a wide range of diagnoses; education of people management and other healthcare related fields thus contributes to
improved healthcare. This happens by making people understand their role in healthcare through proper health education from trained and experienced people and how they
need to go about a certain disease. -It enhances the value of online clinic staff. These are the clinicians who are able to provide treatment services online.
-It provides quick and proper health care to employees located in areas where there is neither a computer nor internet.
-The healthcare sector is able to extend to a large part of the community and provide the services they need.
Video translation services This includes the use of medically trained interpreters either over the phone onsite or video remote to translate to patients
instructions from medical practitioners in a language they can understand. The interpreters are usually able to perfectly understand both the language of the physician
and the patient. This improves patients satisfaction as they are able to understand what they are suffering from and how they are supposed to take their
medication. This is especially in a scenario that the patient and the doctor speak different languages or whenever the doctor uses very sophisticated language that
cannot be understood by a layman. -Increases patients understanding and satisfaction as they receive explicit translations about what the doctor has said.
-Reduce the number of readmissions. Since they are able to communicate the doctor is able to find out if the patient has ever visited the health facility.
-Demonstrates an aspect of quality health care.
Dictation services (e.g Dragon Naturally Speaking) They are used in the conversion of reports that have been voice-recorded by a certain physician into text
format. Thus the doctor is able to keep important records that they may need to refer to in tricky situations that may come thereafter. The doctor can go to the extent
of recording a session with a patient hence keep the records for further sessions. It improves the healthcare sector by serving as a reminder in case a doctor has
forgotten or is uncertain of how to approach a certain situation.
-Doctors can also use them to communicate to patients by giving them the text to go and read hence understand their role in dealing with a particular condition or
-Increases financial performance by saving money and improves clinical workflow.
-Increased quality control as the text is usually checked for misspelt words or incorrect medical terms that might confuse the patient.
-It creates more free time for the doctors by enabling them to access the work they need to do even when at home. They can also give the patients to read for
themselves instead of spending time explaining to them very detailed things that they can understand by reading.
Medical equipment These are the equipment used in the medical sector especially in the treatment of patients or testing for various diseases and conditions. Such
kinds of equipment are mostly found in the laboratories or theatre rooms and need experts that have studied them properly to use them in the testing diagnosing and
treatment of patients. Helps to make the work that would be done manually to be easier hence avoid working for a longer time. Thus the patient is able to avoid danger
as these machines are designed to work much faster than humans.
It therefore prevents endangering of patients life by elimination of unnecessary delays that could cause the situation of a patient to grow worse. -Makes
treatment of patients easier and faster.
-It provides more efficient results as compared to if a human being was to do it manually.
-Save on time hence enabling physicians to be able to attend to numerous patients within a very short time. Therefore prevents loss of lives in the process of saving
Healthcare robots These are robots designed to carry out repetitive tasks that could prove tedious for a human being in the long run. They are also used in
performing surgeries that are very risky to the patient. These robots are programmed to do the work that would otherwise be done by surgeons and nurses. Makes
treatment more efficient because the robots do not get tired like humans.
-They make surgeries less risky because of their great accuracy. This is because they are programmed hence they do exactly as expected and are not prone to numerous
errors like humans.
Therefore they improve healthcare by reducing the number of employed surgeons and nurses hence reducing money spent to pay them. If patients have gone through
robotic surgery;
-They recover faster because robots produce more efficient work than humans.
-They have minimal scarring due to minimal incisions which also prevent numerous infections. This depicts the great accuracy of robots in carrying out instructions.
-they experience less pain and discomfort. This is because they are able to heal faster from the excellent surgery performed on them.
-Reduced blood loss and transfusions
Neural Engineering It uses engineering techniques for dealing with the properties of the neural system. Thus the neural system is able to receive the required
treatment and maybe regain its normal functioning as before. The use of engineering techniques is sophisticated but bears excellent results that bring about gradual
healing of the patient. Improves healthcare by enabling the integration of the uninjured body parts of a person so as to help them regain especially mobility and
improve their quality of life.
This prevents a person from remaining in that uncomfortable condition of never being able to have their body parts function as expected. It improves the chance
of patients with debilitating injuries to regain mobility hearing sight and even brain function.
Through this method patients can heal completely to the point of not recognizing if they ever had such a problem.
Thus improvement of healthcare is evident as there is a hope for patients with such serious injuries to regain their normal life.
Intelligent mobile devices This is the use of mobile phones by physicians in order to communicate. Every physician always possesses a mobile phone or tablet for
communication purposes. Hence these devices come in handy whenever a physician wants to access something that is far off in another office or place. This is quite easy
as it only involves calling the person in the far away office and asking them to give the information. Physicians can request for equipment or certain services from
afar that is without going there in person.
They make health care to be accessed easily and quickly because the doctor can use the phone to instruct the patients if they are far away and cannot reach the
hospital in good time. -It saves time and energy of travelling to get access to equipment and services. Thus a physician can attend to a situation fast enough by
obtaining the relevant information through the use of the phones or other devices.
-Physicians are able to communicate with their patients and instruct them especially in cases of emergency or whenever circumstances cannot allow them to meet.
National healthcare information network This refers to a set of standards policies and services that play a role in ensuring secure health information exchange by
use of the internet.
Secure health information exchange is one of the very important aspects of an ideal healthcare system. This is possible through the new technologies that have recently
been introduced. It is used to provide a common platform for the exchange of health information nationwide. Numerous physicians can use this method to obtain
information that they were not aware about hence boosting their careers. This helps them to make their services to patients even better hence improvement of health
care. -It enhances the knowledge and skill of medical practitioners
Therefore the medical practitioners can provide much better treatment services to patients as they acquire more information that helps them understand difficult
situations even more.
The information is also acquired fast through the internet without the practitioner having to travel to obtain it.
A technology trend approved by your faculty Establishing a System that supports healthcare improvement. Such a system will only be focussed on putting in place
measures that contribute towards the improvement of the healthcare system being monitored. It is quite difficult to implement as it requires a lot of sections but with
the right personnel in place it can be established. Therefore improvement becomes the main aim of the systems existence. Improvement of healthcare by providing
the necessary requirements that support the improvement of health care.
Any requirements that are needed for the improvement of health care sector are written down and sought so that they can be incorporated into the health care system.
This results in an excellent health care system -The system will comprise of the necessary technology that will help in the gathering of data understanding it and
standardizing its measurements.
-It also includes the application of evidence base to care delivery hence it is a system that promotes only the best practices in health care.
-There is also the implementation of team structures that will enable wide adoption of the best practices mentioned above.References
Burns L. (2012). The business of healthcare innovation second edition. Cambridge U.K New York: Cambridge University Press.
Brown S. & Brown M. (2011). Ethical issues and security monitoring trends in global healthcare : technological advancements. Hershey PA: Medical Information Science




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