Identified Nursing-Sensitive Outcomes Criteria

Identified Nursing-Sensitive Outcomes Criteria

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see attachments for details instructions.

The Institution have zero tolerance for plagarizm.


Assignment: Respond to Learning Exercise 23.5 page: 568
Topic: Identifying Nursing Sensitive Outcome Criteria.

Each original posting in a forum requires a citation from TWO ADDITIONAL SOURCES-NOT YOUR TEXTBOOKS, ATI or Abrashofs book.
Must be between 500 and 750 words-NOT INCLUDING REFERENCES.

Special Note: Unlike other courses that encourage using direct quotes, this course focuses on analysis. That is—your thoughts, impressions and opinions taken directly from your review of the literature. Therefore DIRECT QUOTES or using WORD-FOR-WORD phrases, paragraphs, etc. ARE NOT acceptable. Any direct quotes or word-for-word passages provided will be directly deducted from the word count. Any word-for-word passages that are not properly cited, will be considered plagiarism and referred to the office of student conduct for disciplinary action. EACH AND EVERY assignment is checked.


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