International/Global Health Issue

Question description

  • You should select the International/Global Health issue you would like to address in the paper.
  • You should select the country in which the program should be developed.
  • In the paper you should include:
  • The paper should be a maximum of 10 pages doubled spaced, APA format not including references, tables, pictures or graphs.
  • At least 8 references should be provided- at least of these 4 from nursing journals and no older than 5 years
  • Follow APA format

a.Introduction: Background on the above issue selected for that country and studies that support the information provided.

b.Objectives for the program that you will implement-provide at least 3

c.Description of the program that you would like to implement and an explanation why this program in innovative

d.Target population that will be included in the program

e.Timeline to implement the program

f.Approximate cost of the program

g.Outcome of the program- both short term and long term.

Grading for Global Health Paper: Grading Criteria

Selection of the health issue 5%

Selection of the country 5%

Introduction & Background 10%

Objectives 10%

Description of the program and why it is innovative 15%

Target population 10%

Timeline 10%

Approximate cost 10%

Short term and long-term outcome 10%

Conclusion 5%

APA format 10%

Total 100%


Question description

Please write a part of a term paper. 2-pages,standard margins, 12-point font, double spaced.

The term paper is to mainly identify the interests of China’s government concerning North Korea and how those interests will affect China’s actions in the future.


1. history

2. China’s interest in North Korea

3. China’s claims to North Korea’s nuclear issues: Denuclearization and past approaches. ———–This is my part, you need to write 2 pages about this topic.

4.China’s possible approaches in the future

5.The future of China-DPRK nuclear relations

  • Since this is a part of the term paper. There is no need for a formal introduction and conclusion. Please focus on the topic.
  • Cite all the sources you use in MLA, APA format.
  • No plagiarism!!

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