List three diseases youre interested in researching further.

Part 1: List three diseases youre interested in researching further. Write at least one paragraph for each disease listed explaining why youd like to learn more about that disease. Why do you think the disease requires further study? Part 2: Your Epidemiology research report seeks to identify one of the diseases that are currently on the rise in the United States. The next step is to prepare an introduction to your research report. The introduction will include some of the same information youve already prepared when you selected your report topic, but expanded to briefly summarize your research approach. Requirements: Indicate which of the three topics that you initially submitted that youve chosen for your epidemiology research report. Why do you feel that this disease poses a great threat to the health and well-being of the United States? Write a paragraph indicating why you wish to pursue this research topic. Why do you feel this particular disease is such a great threat? List at least two research sources youve identified that you think have information relevant to the disease youre researching. Include URLs to specific articles or Web pages. Generate a strong thesis statement for your report. Your thesis statement should outline the path that your project will follow. Your paper should: be at least 1 page in length. be free of spelling and grammar errors




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