Outline Marica’s issues.

Marica is a 50-year-old woman with a diagnosis of schizophrenia. Marica lives with her elderly mother. She does not work but spends most of her time drawing and painting in her bedroom and has always dreamed of having a showing of her art in a gallery. Marica is supported financially by her mother. She doesn’t have a social network but sometimes goes to the markets on her own to look around.

Developing a recovery plan

1. Outline Marica’s issues.

Marica has no friends and is isolated, she makes do with her paintings and drawing. She has only her bedroom to paint in. She doesn’t have a job so is supported by her mother.

2. From the case study, outline a possible recovery plan. Include:

a. Options that are available to assist Marica to make changes in her life.

b. Some goals for Marica and strategies she could use to achieve them

c. Other types of services that you might use or refer to in order to meet Marica’s needs.

d. Barriers Marica might experience in the implementation of the recovery plan.

3. Describe and discuss how will you collaborate/work with Marica to:

a. Develop the recovery plan

b. Ensure the recovery plan meets her ongoing needs and goals.

4. Give examples of some strategies that build on Marica’s strengths.


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