paper will discuss the four metaparadigm concepts consisting of person health nursing and environment as it relates to the philosophy of nursing

I will need a Philosophy of nursing in this format containing the exact sub headers
INTRODUCTION This paper will discuss the four metaparadigm concepts consisting of person health nursing and environment as it relates to the philosophy of nursing. It will briefly describe St. Petersburg college values and beliefs of nursing a long with Adams values and beliefs along with three common and three different elements between St. Petersburg College and Adams philosophy of nursing.
Adams philosophy of nursing is based upon and impacted by her work experience consisting of geriatric care med surg and clinical reimbursements specialists is the bulk of Adams nursing experience which has contributed to the growth of Adams nursing values and beliefs.
People are unique individuals; ones own experience during the course of his or her life is what makes us all different from one another which results into different personalities attitudes behaviors careers and beliefs which makes them who they are as a person. People have ill rational power and personal beliefs that affect self and others.
Adams believes health is being free from illness and the entire body and mind is functioning in a normal manner. Unfortunately health is beyond the individuals control it is forever changing on a day to day basis throughout his or her life span we all have encountered this experience of illness and well being however this is a normal process.
Nursing is honesty compassion teaching delegating and providing good quality care to improve health and well being. Nursing must commence a plan of care to assist the individual in reaching his or her highest potential and highest level of function. Nursing must provide care to each individual who cannot provide care to them self at time of illness.
The environment is his or her surroundings; it is an important concept that provides stimulants and an environment affect every one in many different ways. It influences personalities professions social needs and physical well being any fluctuation within these traits can and will cause an imbalance in a persons health. There is also an internal environment that some of us dont even think about this is where health is deeply considered with that said both internal and external environment can affect an individuals over all health.
An individual in need of a blood transfusion due to severe anemia but her religious beliefs is against this type of procedure this particular individual wanted to know if there was an alternative method the author had done some research and provided the individual with reading materials of other alternatives he or she then asked if the doctor could be notified of him or her wanting to go another route and his or her wishes were granted. This individual was very grateful for this author taking that extra step providing comprehensive care and showing concerns.
The concept of nursing allows me to deliberate a more purposeful action by providing comprehensive care and compassion to others at his or her time of illness. It allows me to bring in a since of togetherness within the medical field no matter what unit or area of nursing a person may be involved in or clinical practice. Nursing brings forth a since of well being stability and equilibrium among a potentially unbalance structure. The key factor to nursing is education first. Education of the staff in their approach also educating the patient and their loved ones on management and / or prevention.
St. Petersburg College identification of humans; they believe humans consist of an individual community and family. Beliefs that people are holistic beings which can be affected by his or her environment and that the experiences they endure throughout theyre life causes different personalities attitudes and behaviors that defines them as a person (SPC).
The authors analysis on how St. Petersburg college of nursing defines health is that each individual is responsible for obtaining and reaching theyre own optimal level of function. He or she must be capable of adjusting to multiple changes regarding health in order to sustain balance and holistic well being (SPC).
The authors take on St. Petersburg college expression of the environment an environment has many different cultures beliefs and religious practice containing a variety of professions and educational back grounds. St. Petersburg College also believes that his or her environment has a huge impact on an individuals life can and will affect him or her in many different aspects (SPC).
Adams interpretation of St. Petersburg College and nursing. They believe nursing is a profession concerned with human responses to alterations in physical mental and spiritual health (SPC 2010).
Nursing is responsible for promoting and maintaining health using the nursing process of assessment planning implementing and evaluation
There are three common elements the two philosophys share one common element is that a persons environment has a huge impact on his or her life choices that will affect them in more than one way. Another common element is that nursing is responsible for theyre own actions and to develop skills to provide each individual with good quality care. Lastly they share the same view regarding health as being a state of well being and free from diseases.
St. Petersburg College of nursing philosophy believes each individual is responsible for reaching his or her own functional level of health where as Adams philosophy believes nursing has a responsibility to assist the individual in reaching theyre highest level of function during time of illness. St. Petersburg College also believes people learn to cope with and relate to self and others for his or her own personal gain. Adams on the other hand believes people interact and come in contact with other as they can learn from others and to for fill social needs it is one of Maslows Hierarchys of needs to sustain life.
St. Petersburg College values and beliefs are non-negotiable regarding nursing; some of SPC values are caring quality care education and professionalism they believe nursing is a profession of its own and that health is his or her own responsibility. The values of Adams consist of caring compassion education and continuity of care another belief of Adams is that his or her environment drives each individuals life paths differently.
In conclusion nursing plays a very big part in the health care industry it is a very demanding and yet challenging career hoping that others will view this as a profession just as the nursing professionals.
Again this paper must conyaint the following subheaders. You can co-join some of them together example Human beings and the society they live in. Nature of health and health care. Common and different elements between Adams philosophy of nursing and St. Petersburg college. In other words you must explain how you see Humans health nursing ones environment.