Public Speaking

 Course: Public SpeakingThis assignment requires you to persuade your audience about a particular topic. You will become a student activist on campus who aims to solve a collective problem. Your purp

 Course: Public Speaking

This assignment requires you to persuade your audience about a particular topic. You will become a student activist on campus who aims to solve a collective problem. Your purpose is to influence the beliefs, attitudes, values, and acts of your audience. Try to balance ethos, pathos, and logos in your speech.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Select a social issue and conduct research about it (i.e., school-to-prison pipeline).
  2. Define your intended audience (i.e., professors, administrators, or peers) and conduct your audience analysis accordingly.
  3. Define your goal. As a student activist, what do you aim to achieve by giving this speech to your intended audience? What should your intended audience do in order to solve the problem?
  4. Will you use a proposition of value, fact, or policy?
  5. Write a preparation outline using Monroe’s Motivated Sequence to organize your speech (here you can download a template). You have a minimum of four and a maximum of five minutes to give your speech. Likewise, indicate your topic, goals, type of proposition, and intended audience. Submit it here on Blackboard.
  6. Most importantly, enjoy the experience!Sample of Preparation Outline using Monroe’s Motivated Sequence

Note: A Sample Persuasive Preparation Outline and the template for the work are attached. You should complete this activity by completing the template.