Relying on, using, and applying one of the feminist ethics, examine how it might be applied in the real world.

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Please read this week’s Instructor Guidance message and then go to the course home page and read the announcement that covers feminist ethics. Please note that“feminism” and “feminist ethical theories” are not the same thing. Please do not confuse or conflate the two. Do not jam them together as though they were one and the same thing. If you do, you will be referred to the announcement on the course home page. If you have to be referred to that announcement several times, so be it. You are warned!

Please provide an answer to the following questions. Be sure that your answer and responses to others include reference to information contained in the readings or other materials related to feminist ethics, especially care ethics. For this discussion you do not have to answer the three prompts below. The discussion prompt asks that you apply a feminist ethic to a hot button issue or one that is of special interest to you. That topic may be business, military, warfare, terrorism, abortion, slavery, spousal abuse, education, medical issues, or any other topic of your choice. The three prompts (below) are only suggestions and should not be taken as “you have to answer these three prompts!”

Have a little fun with this one. Be creative. Think of some hot button issue in your career field or profession and try to apply feminist ethical theory to that issue. See what you can come up with!

This question is not about feminism. Do not provide an answer that is your position about feminism. That is not the purpose of this discussion. Answers that merely give an opinion about feminism will receive no credit at all… none. You are warned.


Relying on, using, and applying one of the feminist ethics, examine how it might be applied in the real world. For example, you might consider

  1. What care ethics look like when applied to business or war.
  2. The best way to run a business from the perspective of feminist ethics.
  3. How would a feminist ethic transform the way that the military functions or goes about fighting in wars?

For example, consider how the ethics of care might be used in deciding whether or not to go to war. The ethics of care may or may not come up with a different answer than, for example, utilitarian principles under the utilitarian (hedonistic) calculus.

If you are not interested in these issues, you can respond to the topics of the environment, animal rights, or medical ethics. Be sure to use support from the readings while explaining your perspective on these issues.

The purpose of this discussion question is to display an understanding of feminist ethical theories (especially care ethics) and how one of those theories might be best applied to real life, real world circumstances.

300 words or more. Please refer to the attachment to answer this discussion

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