Risk Assessment Plan

Read the following article:

Banawas, S., Abdel-Hadi, A., Alaidarous, M., Alshehri, B., Dukhyil, B., Aziz, M., … Aboamer, M. (2018). Multidrug-resistant bacteria associated with cell phones of healthcare professionals in selected hospitals in Saudi Arabia. Canadian Journal of Infectious Diseases and Medical Microbiology. https://doi.org/10.1155/2018/6598918

Create a risk assessment plan for hospitals of the Ministry of National Guard in Saudi Arabia to protect healthcare workers and patients from multi-drug resistance bacteria associated with cell phones.

The risk assessment plan should contain the following:
•Statement of purpose,
•Authority and responsibility for implementation,
•Goals and objectives,
•Scope and functions, and
•Monitoring and quality evaluation of the program.

•Your plan should be five to six pages in length, not including the title and reference pages.
•You must include a minimum of four credible sources.
•paper must follow APA style