summarize the various components of your proposal in a paper. Y

Research Paper

Proposal Summary

As you conclude the course, this assignment will ask that you summarize the various components of your proposal in a paper. You should use APA format for your paper. The paper should be approximately 3-5 pages in length, not including a title page and reference page(s). Please put all sources, both in-text and in the reference section, in APA format. Your paper should contain the following sections and you can summarize key points in paragraph form for each section. Please do not use bullet points to convey your information.

These are the required sections. You may add additional sections for planning, which you feel are appropriate, that may not be listed here.

Community needs assessment  Program design (including purpose, mission, and goals)  Potential funding sources (including key financial costs)  Legal or regulatory issues  Cultural or risk issues  Education and staffing needs  Community resources The paper must be analytical in nature, with five to seven pages as a minimum expectation. The length of the paper does not include the reference or title page.All papers must be typed, double spaced. Use APA style. Include a minimum of one book (not a text used in other coursework) or four journal articles regarding public administration in your bibliography. It is probably easiest to first pick a specific course (e.g. policy development, government and administration, public budgeting, etc.) and then look at how the issues treated in it are handled in your agency or organization. The course texts and syllabi can serve as a good inspiration for selecting the book to read for this project.

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