The lottery and The rocking horse winner. Fiction outline, By Tamie Panza

The lottery and The rocking horse winner

Fiction outline, By Tamie Panza


Thesis statement:

A. In both stories a strong and intense feeling of dread and shock fill your body. With both the deaths and the shear overwhelming realization of how terrible people can be, and the effects that their shallowness and belief can affect others.


A. Someone ending up dead due to others

B. In the rocking-horse winner it was ultimately the parent selfish love of money that killed their son, and in lottery it was the archaic traditions of a sacrifice to make crops grow

C. In both stories there was total disregard for others and their emotions


A. Though both stories ended in death they each started very differently. Lottery started with as sense of community and togetherness with people laughing, joking, and talking, taking a dark turn with the stoning. The rocking horse winner started with a mother who really cared nothing for her children, but in the end really did love her son.

B. While the rocking horse winner Paul was driven mad by his mother’s obsession of money, in the lottery the village people truly thought that this tradition of sacrificing someone is the only way for crops to grow and save the town. One story is about selfish greed, while the other (even though the stoning was terrible) was about sacrificing one for the survival of many.


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