There are several ​theories of gender development​. At this point, which ones have been supported by research?

Question 49 ​(3 points)

Select the statement that is ​FALSE​ about gender differences between boys and girls:

Question 49 options:

In many ways, boys receive preferential treatment, but girls have more flexibility in gender expression.

In general, boys are somewhat higher in activity level, whereas girls are somewhat higher in verbal ability.

On average, boys show higher levels of physical aggression, whereas girls show higher levels of self-regulation.

In recent years research has demonstrated that gender differences between boys and girls are based almost entirely on societal expectations.

Prior research found that boys showed higher mathematical abilities than girls, but these differences have disappeared in recent years.


Question 50 ​(3 points)

There are several ​theories of gender development​. At this point, which ones have been supported by research?

Question 50 options:

Social learning theories.

Biological theories.

Cognitive developmental theories.

Cognitive schema theories.

There is research support for all these theories.


Question 51 ​(3 points)

There are several steps in the development of ​gender identity.​ Select the list of developments that are in the correct order, from youngest to oldest.

Question 51 options:

Gender constancy, gender awareness, gender identity commitment.

Gender awareness, gender identity commitment, gender constancy.

Gender awareness, gender constancy, gender identity commitment.

Gender constancy, gender identity commitment, gender awareness.

These developments do not appear in a specific order.


Question 52 ​(3 points)

Terry seems like a friendly and likeable person. On a recent gender-role test Terry scored high on “androgyny.” Generally speaking, ​psychologically “​androgynous​” people:

Question 52 options:

demonstrate that it can be damaging for women in particular to adopt more masculine psychological traits.

can adapt easily to multiple different situations, enjoy high self-esteem, and are perceived as well-adjusted.

tend to show that it is damaging for ​both​ men and women to adopt more psychological traits of the opposite gender.

more often have a bisexual orientation.

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