unitary government

I have 4 questions that need to be answered. No citing is needed.

1. A unitary government ia a very controversial soultion to humanity’s promblems. Under what conditions or circumstances do you think a unitary government will be acceptable and effective as a form of global goverance. Pick one from below and tell why

a. will improve trade (free trade between all countries)

b. a since of global community (give up nuclear weapons)

c. Inclusive, unifing Idelogy

d. extreme global crises (the world could collapse, world could come together dystopia

e. big powers agree to share power

2. Discuss at least 3 rules of war that are violated by either the Syrian gov. or Bashar al- Assad?

a.Discrimination of civilians (attacking his own people)

b. Medical personnel

c. POWS- Beneign Auarantins (tortured the rebels that were caught)

d. proportianality

e. No NBCs/ Prohibited weapons ( chemical weapons)

f. No reprisals (against rebel attacks)

3. Gross violations of human rights of the Rohingyas by the Burnese government and security forces. Disccuss 3 approaches which the Int’l ommunity can use to protect or advance human rights of the Rohinguyas in a crisis.

a.Asylum to refugees

b. Diplamacy

c. Media- Name and Shame

d. R 2 P Doctrine

e. Sanctions

f. Positive incentives

4. Suspected Russian assassins used Novichok, a military grade nerve toxin to attack a former Russian double agent Sergei, skripal and his daiughter in Salibury, Britian on March 4, 2018. Is ths terroism?   WTell if it was or not and was it because of just random violence, target civilains, to spread fear or just a political objective.

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