.  What agencies are involved?


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Instructions:  There are several questions that must be comprehensively answered.  You must support your answers with examples, illustrations, comparisons or contrasts.  Research Projects must included 4 references supporting your answers and presented in APA format.  Your responses to the questions must include the corresponding question numbers such as 1, 1a, 2, 2a, 2b, etc. You must include a title page and reference page. 

Format:   Your paper should follow APA guidelines and be a minimum of 3 pages (title page and reference page are not counted), double spaced, 1” margins, paginated, print style New Times, print size 12 point, and Microsoft Word format.

Each answer to the questions in the paper must be labeled with the corresponding question number and failure to label each answer will result in twenty points being deducted from the overall score.

Project Research Questions

Economic development encompasses a variety of strategies and definitions. One of the initiatives that many local areas are tapping into is clean up of the Brownfields.  

Chapter 13 in edition 5 and Chapter 14 in edition 6 will have some information. However, you must use other resources including local websites and individuals currently employed in local government administration.

1.    Write a definition of Brownfields.

1a.  Next, write a one-paragraph description of how Brownfields are being utiilized in redevelopment.

2.    Explain how the federal, state, and local governments work together in the Brownfield initiatives.

2a.  What agencies are involved?

2b.  How is the grant funding distributed?

2c.  What criteria must a local government meet to be eligible to receive funding?

3.    Choose one or the other -Dallas Brownfield or the Portland Brownfield Project.   Explain the program in   depth including:

a.     the goals and strategy for job creation.

b.     the plan for Land Use

c.     the clean up strategy

d.     what agencies are involved and how are they assisting.

4.    Conclude with analysis of the results of the Project.

4a.  What benefits has it brought to the community and neighboring communities?

4b.  What factors contributed to the success of the Project?

4c.   How are the results measured?

Four pages and need all the question be answered clear and detailed

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