What are common practices or perhaps a new practice?

Why Nurses Make Hourly Rounds Project description ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY INSTRUCTIONS Choose a topic pertinent to your work area. To do this, ask a question about your nursing practice. What are common practices or perhaps a new practice? For example: Why do nurses turn patients every 2 hours? Choose various types of original research articles to include in this five to eight-page annotated bibliography. Original research includes actual research studies (this does NOT include informational articles, editorials, or literature reviews). The chosen articles should help support the practice in question or argue against it. List the articles by APA reference, followed by a brief description of that article. Description includes research question, research methods, and outcomes. Ten articles should be included. These articles can be no older than 5 years and must be from peer-reviewed journals. Use APA format for the title page and reference page ORDER THIS ESSAY HERE NOW AND GET A DISCOUNT !!! Place an order today and get 13%Discount (Code GAC13)