What is Psychological Science?

Please make sure each answer is no less than 200 words.

  1. What is Psychological Science?
  2. What are some Scientific Foundations of Psychology?
  3. What are the latest Developments in Psychology?
  4. Describe the Gestalt Psychology.
  5. Who is Sigmund Freud, and what was his purpose?
  6. If we had not begun to question some of the theories or methods of the founding fathers in psychology, do you think new perspectives might not have been developed? For instance, if we had not begun to question Behaviorism would we have developed Cognitive psychology, etc.? How so?
  7. Do you think the study done with college boys to emulate prison environment might have some ethical issues?  How so?
  8. Do you think psychology has scientific underpinnings?  We can now see how the brain reacts to certain stimuli under specific conditions?  How so?


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