What is your unit of analysis

The proposal for the paper has already been written. Which will help with the understanding of the project topic.

HRD Final Paper Rubric

Criterion 1
A. Title / Abstract
Includes a descriptive title of the intervention

Criterion 2
B. Introduction
• Establishes the paper’s central purpose, the issues and performance problems to be considered. A well-developed and articulated problem statement is presented. A background review of the organization is provided to establish a context. Connects the field of Talent Management to the topic.
• Introduce the problem area and briefly describe the organization
• Establish the importance of the problem to the organization – What questions are you addressing?
• Narrow the focus of the problem – needs to be SMART
• Provide a clear problem statement and relevant research questions
• What am I trying to explain?
• What are the possible causes?
• What causes will I explore?
• What might connect the causes to the effects?
• What is your unit of analysis – organization, work group, individual
• Define key terms
• Are citations given for factual terms?

Criterion 3
C. Performance Analysis
Describes the approach planned to conduct the systematic analysis of the performance problem including how the performance gap analysis and its impact on business outcomes and stakeholders (who, what, when, where, why and how as appropriate) will be assessed. Includes use and referral to research literature and sources relevant to the issues. Describe how the data will be collected.

Criterion 4
D. Literature Review Existing Knowledge & Research
Prepares a bibliography of the journal articles to be included in the literature review that are relevant to the performance problem being explored and the proposed talent management intervention(s) to resolve the situation. Bibliography must use APA citation format. (Minimum of 8 references).

Criterion 5
E. Methodology
Describes appropriate intervention strategy, methods and technique and why it was selected to address the organizational issue. Proposed intervention plan is thorough and describes in detail: Executive Summary, Problem or Opportunity Results, Objectives, Evaluation Criteria/ Metrics, Intervention(s) & Elements, Development Plan, Implementation Plan, Evaluation Plan, and Conclusion. Describes the intervention design steps which were followed.

Criterion 6
J. Conclusion
Summarizes and ties together all of the ideas presented. Includes a clear statement of writer’s position.
Links the paper contents and conclusion with the field of Organizational Development

Criterion 7
K. Organization/Writing Style
Clearly structured with a logical flow of ideas. Variety in sentence structure. Proper use of grammar and spelling. No use of slang or colloquialisms. No overuse of quoted references and citations within body of the paper.

Criterion 8
L. References / Citations
Variety of well-researched and quality references. Proper and consistent use of APA style citation format in the body of paper and reference section.




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