Which of the following is NOT a great demonstration of scholarly writing material?


1. Which of the following is NOT a great demonstration of scholarly writing material? (Points : 1)






Question 2.2. Which of the following BEST describes the use of subjectivity and opinions in a research project? (Points : 1)






Question 3.3. Researchers prefer a narrow focus and selective research methods for which of the following reasons? (Points : 1)






Question 4.4. Which of the following steps do NOT help writers develop research topics into appropriate lines of inquiry? (Points : 1)






Question 5.5. Parallel structure (or parallelism) ensures that (Points : 1)






Question 6.6. Synthesizing research is important work for all of the following reasons EXCEPT (Points : 1)





Question 7.7. Choose the best topic sentence. (Points : 1)





Question 8.8. Which of the following statements is considered a distinguishing characteristic of a research question? (Points : 1)






Question 9.9. Each paragraph should support multiple topics. (Points : 1)




Question 10.10. Which of the following BEST describes the primary goal of a research project? (Points : 1)






Question 11.11. A researcher can tell that questions are coherent by all of the following results, EXCEPT (Points : 1)






Question 12.12. A good thesis should do all of the following EXCEPT (Points : 1)






Question 13.13. Which of the following elements do researchers understand that their research may provide for future generations? (Points : 1)






Question 14.14. Choose the best thesis statement. (Points : 1)





Question 15.15. What definition BEST describes the relationship between sibling topics and central topics? (Points : 1)






Question 16.16. The introduction of your essay should include all of the following elements EXCEPT (Points : 1)






Question 17.17. Which of the following sources is likely NOT useful beyond the information it contains? (Points : 1)






Question 18.18. Which of the following does NOT describe the credibility of scholarly sources? (Points : 1)






Question 19.19. Which of the following DOES NOT describe a characteristic of news, trade, and popular sources? (Points : 1)






Question 20.20. How are method sources MOST relevant to researchers? (Points : 1)






Question 21.21. Claims rely on all of the following kinds of evidence EXCEPT (Points : 1)






Question 22.22. Peer review is NOT able to provide us with which of the following? (Points : 1)






Question 23.23. Claims, _____________, rebuttals, and analysis must be presented in an academic argument. (Points : 1)






Question 24.24. The primary purpose of a literature review is to do which of the following? (Points : 1)






Question 25.25. “Everyone from that department is untrustworthy.” This is an example of (Points : 1)






Question 26.26. Subject guides in a university library provide all of the following resources EXCEPT (Points : 1)






Question 27.27. Some general rules to follow when avoiding plagiarism include: (Points : 1)






Question 28.28. Your global purpose should accomplish all of the following, EXCEPT (Points : 1)






Question 29.29. Which of the following strategies is NOT used to narrow a subject search? (Points : 1)






Question 30.30. Getting started with your research is most easily done by using which ONE of the following methods? (Points : 1)






Question 31.31. Which of the following means to acknowledge, quote, or commend? (Points : 1)






Question 32.32. Supporting questions are distinct from essential questions because supporting questions provide which of the following? (Points : 1)





Question 33.33. Which of the following is NOT considered a viable criterion for evaluating sources? (Points : 1)






Question 34.34. Which of the following is NOT a reason a parent topic is a good starting point? (Points : 1)






Question 35.35. Identify the sentence with the pronoun-antecedent agreement error. (Points : 1)






Question 36.36. Which of the following considerations is NOT an important question to ask when choosing a database? (Points : 1)






Question 37.37. The reference-page citation format for a book includes the following information in the following order: (Points : 1)






Question 38.38. A thesis statement can be written as a question. (Points : 1)




Question 39.39. It is a good idea to include various types of fallacies in academic papers. (Points : 1)




Question 40.40. Writers who treat readers as fellow researchers do all of the following EXCEPT (Points : 1)






Question 41.41. To assess research needs, a researcher should begin with WHICH ONE of the following elements? (Points : 1)






Question 42.42. How are background sources MOST relevant to researchers? (Points : 1)






Question 43.43. Which of the following LEAST describes an appropriate approach to the evaluation of potential research topics? (Points : 1)






Question 44.44. Which ONE of the following research purposes offers the best contribution to the field? (Points : 1)






Question 45.45. Pre-reading strategies should include which ONE of the following activities? (Points : 1)






Question 46.46. A paper that contains almost no original work but properly cites all sources is not an instance of plagiarism: (Points : 1)




Question 47.47. A proper English sentence must contain at least (Points : 1)






Question 48.48. Ashford University instructors use anti-plagiarism resources to determine the originality of submitted written work. (Points : 1)




Question 49.49. A bad thesis will often contain all of the following, EXCEPT (Points : 1)






Question 50.50. The majority of your research should be conducted (Points : 1)






Question 51.51. Which fallacy typically involves circular reasoning? (Points : 1)






Question 52.52. Which of the following local purposes is NOT useful in the body of the essay? (Points : 1)






Question 53.53. Which of the following approaches is MOST helpful during the research process? (Points : 1)






Question 54.54. If you are found responsible for violating the Academic Dishonestly policy, and there are multiple instances of academic dishonesty violations, or a singular violation is egregious, you will be referred to the Student Affairs department for review. (Points : 1)




Question 55.55. If a researcher finds the “perfect source,” no other source materials are needed. (Points : 1)




Question 56.56. Which of the following is the PRIMARY motivation for publishing credible work? (Points : 1)